JRTCC “Jack of Diamonds” All Breed Fun Day Competition September 26, 2020

by The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada

Held September 26, 2020. Registration closes on September 26, 2020.

PAYMENT OPTIONS Option # 1: Online Bank e-transfer Send your online Bank e-transfer to JRTCCanada@gmail.com (please use September2020 as the password) Option # 2: Paypal Send your payment to treasurer@jrtcc.ca Option #3: Cash If the trial does not fill prior to September 26, we will accept cash for registration on the day of the trial. Please provide exact amount of cash to reduce extra handling of money. To secure your entry, please pre-register and use Paypal or e-transfer.
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  • Lure Coursing
  • Go To ground
  • Agility Tunnels
  • Ball Retrieval
  • Radical Recall
  • Brush Hunt
  • Scent Detection Containers (Intro Level)
  • Barn Hunt
  • Fun Classes

Standard Entry Fees

Regular: Can$0.00
Late: Can$0.00
Club-Member: Can$0.00
Late Club-Member: Can$0.00

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