Fall Fun Day 2022

by Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club

Held October 30, 2022. Registration closes on October 25, 2022.

If you wish to use PayPal to send your electronic payment, please use the Friends/Family option and send to carolinasjrtclub@gmail.com
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  • Racing
    Judged by Bud Moomau
  • Go-to-Ground
    Judged by Marina Sauer
  • Tunnel Vision
    Judged by Emory Vaughn
  • Halloween Costume Contest
    Judged by Bud Moomau, Frank Davis, and Samantha Vaughn

Standard Entry Fees

Regular: US$7.00
Late: US$10.00
Club-Member: US$7.00
Late Club-Member: US$10.00