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What is TrialVault?

TrialVault is an online dog-trial builder and registration application. It stores your dog's information on the internet for easy registration in trials and events. TrialVault handles registrations for dogs, youth, and class sponsors. It also accepts payments on behalf of trials.

For trial hosts, TrialVault stores trial details (like class list, high points, add-ons, fees, coupons, judges, and nearby lodging), generates detailed statistics and reports, and stores scores collected at the trial. The software was originally developed for trials affiliated with The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA), but now supports other earthdog events in both the United States and Canada.


  • Online registration supporting dogs, youth, class sponsors, extras, and signature collection.
  • Storage for certificate images and dog photographs.
  • Online payments for attendees through Stripe.
  • Creation of fully customizable class lists with filters, fees, and cross-entry restrictions.
  • Ability to add extras, coupons, and fees to your trial.
  • Trial statistics including revenue by division, average revenue per attendee, and number of attendees by state.
  • Reports like class catalog, class entry sheets, heat sheets, attendee & dog ID cards, JRTCA score sheets, and results listing.
  • Barcode generation for attendees and dogs enabling fast lookup at registration booths.
  • Automatic creation of racing heats with the option to edit by a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Scoring for classes and high points with a built-in results feed for attendees.
  • Support for live events including “digital lines” or queues for events like go-to-ground and barn hunt.
  • Text-message notifications for attendees.

Accepting Payments with TrialVault

TrialVault uses Stripe to accept payments from attendees and route them to trials' bank accounts. Trial hosts will need to create a stripe account and link it with TrialVault to start accepting online payments.


In 2013, Sue Wilson hosted the Gunnison Grand Terrier Faire in in the town of Gunnison, Colorado using the first version of TrialVault. It was created by Wesley Hileman, a recent high-school graduate and Jack Russell Terrier enthusiast, who had observed the inefficiency of the legacy paper-form system a year before at the 2012 Gunnison Trials.

TrialVault has been continuously improved by JRTCA-affiliated trials throughout the United States over the past several years. Version 2.0, deployed in late 2017, is the culmination of this work.

Special Thanks

Here's to all the people who've made TrialVault a reality. The support of attendees, trial hosts, and club members is invaluable to this effort. Thank you for your enthusiasm, feedback, and advice!

Sue Wilson - West Elk Terriers

for adopting the original online registration system at her 2013 Gunnison Grand Terrier Faire, and supporting and extensively testing TrialVault.

Melissa Baggenstoss - Bagg End Jack Russell Terriers

for runing TrialVault at the Buckingham Blitz Terrier Trials in 2014 and trials around the country, and her extensive help debugging the new system.

Alex Iden - Iden Rye Kennel

for volunteering to test TrialVault 1.0 at the 2014 Buckingham Blitz Terrier Trials at Buckingham Farm.

Heather Davis - Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club

for her feedback after using TrialVault 1.0 at the Caroninas Spring Classic and Autumn Fest trials.

Bruce and Trisha Frankenberg - Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club

for running TrialVault 1.0 live at the MWJRTC Summer Celebration Trials and their feedback on the system.

Jonathan and Eleanor Thompson - Shavano Creek Jack Russell Terriers

for running TrialVault 1.0 at the Freedom Rings Terrier Trials in Gunnison, Colorado and their ongoing support in testing TrialVault.

Matthew Hileman

for designing the TrialVault logo and testing the new system.

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If you have questions or need more information about TrialVault, you can fill out the contact form or email Wes Hileman at with the subject line "Trial Vault".

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